Hello Kitty Adventure Series

Get the chance to control Hello Kitty in this adventure game. The game is like playing the famous Super Mario Game except that the here character is Hello Kitty. You use the mouse to control Hello Kitty go to the finish line. There are cupcakes that you need to collect and each cupcake you collect you get ten points. The obstacles of the game are the spikes waiting on the holes. With that you need to jump high and make sure that you will not land on them. If you mistakenly land on them you get fifty points deduction. Another one you need to watch out for is Badtz-Maru. The best way to kill him is to jump on him but if you fail to do so you lose 50 points. But you do not have to worry much because you have five lives on each level that you can use. Just make sure you do not use them all bef